Saturday, October 12, 2013


Mike had a bad year last year but seems to be coming back to rampage in fine form. Check out his return to the jump that got him last year.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Honestly, I have been avoiding the Seven Summits Trail like the plague because I hate taking my bike for a walk. I also have no need to put a notch in my belt saying that I have done something. The Seven Summits Trail is a B-Movie for me because of my lack of talent, I guess. That means that I will be off the bike and pushing it more than I will be riding. You know, kind of like a movie that has you in the kitchen getting snacks more than watching. Just too many breaks.

So, when it was suggested that the Holy Wow Gang ride out the Seven Summits Trail on our Tuesday night  ride, I was less than excited. Well, it was going to be an out and back, and there was cold refreshments after the ride, so I guess I will go.

The ride starts out quite nicely and the single track is fabulous. Even the pitches are well done and the climbing is very grunty but tolerable. Maybe this will be OK. Ooops, spoke too soon. Here comes the just too steep, loose rock, too tight switch backs that, people who have ridden the whole thing, try to downplay but just can`t help mentioning. Guess I am just old and grumpy, but I like to ride my bike not walk it. If I wanted to walk something I would get a dog and take it for a walk. At least the dog could make it`s way under it`s own power. A bike will just lie there unless you push it. HIKE A BIKES ARE JUST NOT FOR ME.

Oh well, I am out here with my friends, let`s just make the best of it. The downhill could be really good. Pretend you are a younger rider, with a heavy downhill bike, who never rides up anything anyway, and is only interested in the downhill. YES, that`s it!!!! Got it.

Made it to the turn around spot with four trips to the kitchen(or four commercials), and prepared for the down. The downhill was great fun. The rocks, that made the up miserable, flew by quite smoothly. Still a few too tight switch backs but they are soon forgotten, erased by the smoothish undulating single track. WOW, back at the trucks already. SUPER downhill ride. We will have to do that again.

Don`t get me wrong`I will NOT be doing the Seven Summits Trail any time soon, nor will I be getting a dog. Might go up there for a hike or a ski or some hunting, but my bike will not be coming along for the walk. Out and back, YOU BET. Thanks Holy Wow Gang.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


New trails and resurrected old trails are appearing at Red Mt.A fella named Nate is working really hard to establish a trail network at Red Mountain. Some years ago the Mountain tried to run lift access mountain biking. It was not a profitable proposition. There are some remnants of these trails still around. Nate is working at rejuvenating and adding to this network. No lift access yet, but the ride up will do you good.

Check out his work. His blog, pictures and info is

Thursday, June 20, 2013